New Zealand’s Premier

Fork-lift Rental Company.


We provide long term and short term fork-lift hire. Our fleet is over 600 strong and comprises mostly Komatsu fork-lifts.


Through a nationwide branch and service dealer network, our major clients are in Auckland, the Waikato, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill.


As an independent family business, we are under no obligation to supply any particular brand — just what’s best for your application! Our overheads are also low, so you can hire premium machines at highly affordable prices.

We are a family owned, New Zealand-based fork-lift rental company specialising in premium Komatsu fork-lifts.


Blair Robson established Camson Hoist Hire in the 1970s. We originally provided new and used fork-lift sales as well as rentals. However, thanks to considerable growth, which has led to an impressive client list that includes VisiBoard…, we decided to specialise in fork-lift hire and leave sales to our sister company, Liftrucks.


Premium fork-lift rentals


As an independent, family owned rental company, we are not obliged to offer any particular brand. So, our goal is to supply equipment best suited to your application. It’s this flexibility that helps us provide cost-effective solutions.


Our fleet includes:

  • Komatsu diesel, LPG, petrol & battery fork-lifts
  • Bendi narrow-aisle machines
  • Still battery electric fork-lifts & reach trucks.
Paul Robson (Owner)


Paul Robson has worked in the fork–lift industry for over 20 years — he started out working for his father, Blair. Today, with degrees in engineering and computer science, he has become a leading authority in materials handling. Public or offshore-owned companies are notorious for slow decision making, as a board of directors or head office must often be consulted. In contrast, Paul plays a part in every fork-lift hire. And this hands-on approach means decisions are made quickly. So, feel free to contact Paul directly if you need information or have a problem.

Short Term & Long Term fork lift hire


We have a fleet of over 600 fork-lifts, which includes reach trucks and narrow-aisle trucks as well as warehousing equipment. When it comes to materials handling, you needn’t go anywhere else.


At the end of the day, what matters is what a fork-lift will do — you’re renting its productivity. The beauty of hiring, rather than purchasing a fork-lift, is there is no capital outlay, and budgeting for expenses is easy. You also get new, productive equipment specifically selected for your application.



It’s all about the little things:


  • Is the fork-lift easy to get on and off?
  • Is it comfortable to drive?
  • Is it easy to change the gas bottle when it needs changing?
  • Is there good visibility?


Why operators love Komatsu:


Komatsu fork-lifts have longer intervals between servicing, they move equipment faster and operators love them!


  • Superior productivity — Komatsu technology enables you to shift more products faster.
  • Superior visibility & mobility — Komatsu fork-lifts are safer and more productive.
  • Last longer — they “keep on going,” so there is less down time
  • Superior fuel efficiency — Komatsus have lower running costs
  • Better for the environment — Komatsus are quieter, vibrate less and emit fewer fumes.
Short Term Fork lift Hire


How long do you need a fork-lift — a day, a week, a month or longer?


We have equipment:

  • To overcome short-term peak or abnormal requirements
  • For seasonal demand
  • As replacements for machines undergoing repairs.


Long Term Fork lift Hire


How it works


Long-term fork-lift hire is for contracts between two and six years (usually 5 to 6 years). It’s easy. All that is required is that you pay a fixed monthly fee for the term of your contract, which covers all planned maintenance.


Finding the best solution


The process of determining which machine best suits your application includes an in-depth survey by a materials-handling specialist.


We DO NOT favour one brand over another. And we can’t stress strongly enough the importance of working with a supplier that provides equipment based on your application rather than their obligations.

Our Clients.


Can you help me budget our next year’s forklift maintenance costs?

Yes, with our long-term hire contracts you have a once-a-month fixed cost that includes all planned maintenance.

Do you only rent Komatsu engine driven forklifts?

No, as an independent forklift hire company we can offer all brands and all types of equipment.

How do I know what equipment is best for our operation?

We start with a materials handling survey which will determine the most productive and cost effective type of equipment for your operation.

How do I know when it's time for my forklift's planned maintenance?

We monitor the hours we expect the forklifts will work and our service department will call you to schedule the planned maintenance visit.

Will a hired forklift contribute to our health and safety programme?

Yes, because our planned maintenance programme includes a full safety check of the equipment and because we can provide daily check sheets for the driver/supervisor if your company does not have its own process in place. We make a conscious effort to help you take all practical steps to operate the equipment safely.

If our operational requirements change during the course of the hire contract can we change the equipment?

Yes, we will always work with you to provide the most cost-effective and productive equipment for your operation.

Can you monitor remotely when the hired equipment needs planned maintenance?

Yes, we are able to monitor hours operated and can even tell you if your equipment has been involved in an impact accident or is not being driven correctly.


114 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland, NZ


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